Your brand identity is the express representation of the reputation, credibility, and personality of your business or company. And strong branding architecture is the key to a successful, result-oriented internet marketing campaign. If you want your online marketing effort to be cost-effective and time-efficient, then you must take advantage of brand equity.

At Codedhub, we create an imaginative brand identity for your business that fits your product or services and appeals to the interest of your audience and market. Our brand architecture analysis and logo development process aim to give your business a consistent, professional look across all channels.

 Are you launching a new brand or rebranding? Do you need a professional branding agency to design a unique brand identity that will boost the online and offline recognition of your business? We can help you.

We produce creative brand designs for brand awareness campaigns that will leave a lasting impression.

Custom Logo Design & Development

Logo & Brand Strategy


Brand & Style Guidelines

Graphic Design

Print & Product Design

Analysis & Research


Why Try Codedhub Branding Services?

The right identity design and message can capture and engage your target audience at every touch point consistently.

Increased Recognition - Logo design and branded products that are associated with quality and value

Increased Customer Base – Unique brand identity that more people will recognize and trust

Increased Engagement – Not just to capture more customers, but to retain them

Memorable Impression – Your brand becomes the first choice whenever there’s a need for such products or services


Codedhub specializes in strategic digital marketing services. Projecting the uniqueness of your business is what we do best.


Our Branding Process

Beyond the colourful logo design, your brand should tell a story. Our first point of call is to immerse ourselves in the story of your company to discover the engine room of your brand.

·       Research and Analysis

We will do threshold research and analysis of your business values and goals, market trends, competitors, advertisement strategy, and other factors.

·       Brand Strategy

From the analysis results, we will develop an agile strategy that captures the essentials of your business and communicates your brand story to your market prospects clearly.

·       Design

Finally, we will come up with exclusive brand logo design concepts for you to review. Once you approve a design, we forward the complete downloadable files to you.


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